identification of a sindbis virus strain isolated from hyaloma marginatum ticks in sicily. 197827971
haemagglutination inhibition antibodies against sindbis virus in human and bovine sera in eastern sicily. 19806107029
detection of immunoglobulin g to a sindbis-related virus by a membrane antigen enzyme immunoassay.we determined the seroprevalence of a sindbis-related virus isolated for the first time in 1975 from ticks in south-east sicily and typed by gresikova et al. in 1978. an indirect enzyme immunoassay based on viral membrane antigen for coating microtiter strips was used for the detection of immunoglobulin g to the sindbis-related virus. the method appeared more sensitive than a similar enzyme immunoassay based on crude lysate antigen. comparison of the results obtained from sera tested both by mem ...19968673858
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