japanese encephalitis virus surveillance in the taipei area, taiwan in 1978.attempts were made to isolate japanese encephalitis virus from mosquitoes collected with three light traps operated twice a week at three sentinel pigpens in the taipei area from may to oct. 1978. a total of 6,549 mosquitoes trapped alive were processed in 283 pools. suspensions were inoculated into aedes albopictus cell cultures and into suckling mice. a total of 19 je virus isolates were made; 12 from pools of cx. tritaeniorhynchus, 6 from cx. annulus and one from cx. quinquefaciatus. sindbis ...19806107994
screening of mosquitoes using sybr green i-based real-time rt-pcr with group-specific primers for detection of flaviviruses and alphaviruses in taiwan.surveillance for infectious agents carried by mosquitoes is important for predicting the risk of vector-borne infectious diseases. in this study, a method was established to mass-screen mosquitoes for viral infections. the assay detected the viral load of 4 dengue virus (denv) serotypes (denv-1, denv-2, denv-3, and denv-4), the japanese encephalitis virus (jev), the sindbis virus and the chikungunya virus at 1pfu/ml (determined by real-time rt-pcr) in 36.64-43.45 cycles. this method was applied ...201020471427
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