microbulbifer agarilyticus sp. nov. and microbulbifer thermotolerans sp. nov., agar-degrading bacteria isolated from deep-sea sediment.nine agar-degrading strains, designated jamb a3t, jamb a7, jamb a24, jamb a33, jamb a94t, jamm 0654, jamm 0793, jamm 1327 and jamm 1340, were isolated from deep-sea sediment in suruga bay and sagami bay and off kagoshima, japan. on the basis of 16s rrna gene sequence analysis, the strains were found to be closely affiliated with members of the genera microbulbifer and thalassomonas. the hybridization values for dna-dna relatedness between two of these strains and microbulbifer reference strains ...200818450701
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