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simiduia agarivorans gen. nov., sp. nov., a marine, agarolytic bacterium isolated from shallow coastal water from keelung, taiwan.a gram-negative, heterotrophic, agarolytic, marine bacterium, designated strain sa1t, was isolated from a seawater sample collected in the shallow coastal region of keelung, taiwan. cells were straight to slightly curved rods. nearly all of the cells were non-motile and non-flagellated during the exponential phase of growth in broth cultures; a few cells (<1 %) were motile and were considered to have monotrichous flagella. the isolate required nacl for growth and grew optimally at 30-35 degrees ...200818398190
microbulbifer taiwanensis sp. nov., isolated from lutao island (green island) soil.a gram-negative, non-spore forming rod (cc-ln1-12t) was isolated from soil samples of green island (lutao), taiwan and studied for its taxonomic allocation. 16s rrna gene sequence analysis showed that isolate cc-ln1-12t was grouped into the microbulbifer cluster, with the highest similarities to the type strain of microbulbifer okinawensis (97.9%), microbulbifer maritimus (97.7%) and microbulbifer donghaensis (97.7 %), similarities to all other microbulbifer species was lower than 96.8%. the pol ...201122155758
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