identification and evaluation of the probiotic potential of lactobacillus paraplantarum ft259, a bacteriocinogenic strain isolated from brazilian semi-hard artisanal cheese.this study aimed to identify a bacteriocinogenic lactobacillus isolate (ft259) obtained from brazilian semi-hard minas type cheese and to evaluate its probiotic and antimicrobial potentials. the strain was identified by biochemical tests (at genus level), and by 16s rdna sequencing combined with reca gene amplification (for species). to determine the inhibitory spectrum towards food borne pathogens and lactic acid bacteria, the spot-on-the-lawn assay was carried out. moreover, the proteinaceous ...201323792229
occurrence of listeria spp. in critical control points and the environment of minas frescal cheese processing.critical control points (ccps) associated with minas frescal cheese (a brazilian soft white cheese, eaten fresh) processing in two dairy factories were determined using flow diagrams and microbiological tests for detection of listeria monocytogenes and other species of listeria. a total of 218 samples were collected along the production line and environment. the ccps identified were reception of raw milk, pasteurization, coagulation and storage. thirteen samples were positive for listeria; 9 sam ...200312485750
incidence of listeria monocytogenes in cheese produced in rio de janeiro, brazil.the present study evaluated the incidence of listeria spp. in some brazilian cheeses obtained from retail stores in rio de janeiro, of 103 samples of various types of cheese examined as recommended in the listeria isolation protocol of the health protection branch of canada, 11 (10.68%) were contaminated by listeria monocytogenes, 13 (12.62%) by listeria innocua, 6 (5.83%) by listeria grayi, and 1 (0.97%) by listeria welshimeri. a higher incidence of l. monocytogenes as observed mainly in the ho ...19989708310
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