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distribution of virulence genes in aeromonas spp. isolated from sardinian waters and from patients with characterize 46 isolates of different aeromonas spp. strains (26 aeromonas hydrophila, 13 aeromonas sobria and 7 aeromonas salmonicida) isolated from coastal water and clinical sources in sardinia, italy.200211849349
stress and humoral innate immune response of gilthead seabream sparus aurata cultured in sea cages.innate and acquired immune responses of gilthead seabream sparus aurata was studied under normal culture and short-term stressful conditions for 18 months in offshore sea cages in alghero bay, italy. every 45 d, 50 fish were sampled and divided into two groups: fish in the first group (normal culture conditions) were bled after harvesting; fish in the second group were put into a tank under stressful conditions (crowding and confinement) and bled after 2 h. innate humoral immunity, such as compl ...201627485027
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