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ecology of helminth parasitism in bobwhites from northern florida.examination of 700 northern bobwhites (colinus virginianus), 50 each february from 1971 through 1984, from tall timbers research station, leon county, florida, disclosed 15 species of helminth parasites. nine species (raillietina cesticillus, r. colinia, aproctella stoddardi, cheilospirura spinosa, cyrnea colini, dispharynx nasuta, heterakis isolonche, tetrameres pattersoni, and trichostrongylus tenuis) generally were found on an annual basis and were considered characteristic components of the ...19912067041
gastrointestinal helminths of the northern bobwhite in florida: 1968 and 1983.we collected 153 northern bobwhites (colinus virginianus) over a 10-mo period from tall timbers research station near tallahassee, florida, usa. five species of gastrointestinal helminths were encountered commonly (greater than 30% prevalence): cyrnea colini, raillietina cesticillus, r. colinia, heterakis isolonche, and trichostrongylus tenuis. other helminths included brachylaima sp., rhabdometra odiosa, mediorhynchus papillosis, cheilospirura spinosa, dispharynx nasuta, gongylonema ingluvicola ...19863503136
seasonal trends of helminth parasites of bobwhite quail.helminthologic examination of 120 adult and 65 juvenile bobwhites (colinus virginianus) from leon county, florida, during a one-year period revealed seven common (> 30% prevalence) species including raillietina cesticillus, r. colinia, cheilospirura spinosa, cyrnea colini, heterakis bonasae, tetrameres pattersoni, and trichostrongylus tenuis. less frequently found helminths included hymenolepis sp., rhabdometra odiosa, mediorhynchus papillosis, aproctella stoddardi, dispharynx nasuta, gongylonem ...19807411743
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