[biodegradation of estrogens in stream water].estrogens of human and animal origin that reach the aquatic environment may enter human or animal organism and act as endocrine investigate the persistency of estrogens in laboratory experiments, estrone respectively 17beta-estradiol were added to stream water sampled from river spree in berlin. the concentration of estrone and 17beta-estradiol was quantified using enzyme-immuno-assay. the estrone concentration decreased to less than 5 % of the starting concentration at storage tem ...200717416137
isolation and characterization of potentially human pathogenic, cytotoxin-producing aeromonas strains from retailed seafood in berlin, germany.the presence of potentially human pathogenic strains of aeromonas was investigated in 84 samples of seafood which were purchased from retail traders in berlin, germany in spring 2000. a total of 134 aeromonas strains were isolated on selective [gsp agar and aeromonas (ryan) agar] and unselective (standard count agar and enterohaemolysin agar) media from 27 (32.1%) of the samples and were classified as aeromonas hydrophila (67.9%), a. caviae (26.1%) and a. sobria (6.0%) by biotyping. thirteen (48 ...200515752267
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