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[bacteriological quality of spring and well water in yaounde (cameroon)].the drinking water supply in yaounde, cameroon, often fails to meet demand and this leads many people to seek water from springs and wells the microbiological quality of which is unknown. we carried out a microbiological survey of five spring water points and ten wells. the fifteen study sites were located in various residential districts and were selected according to geographical location and number of users. microorganisms were isolated on specific culture media using the membrane filter tech ...19989854008
[evaluation of bacterial and polluting loads of effluent from activated sludge wastewater treatment plants in yaounde, cameroon].activated sludge wastewater treatment plants in yaounde are plagued by failures in their operation. a microbiological and physico-chemical study was carried out on wastewater effluent of an hospital, university campus, and two residential areas made up of more than 2,000 apartments connected to two collective sewase systems. wastewater sampling was performed in the form of daily cycles during which composite samples were made every two hours with samples collected every half hour. variables meas ...200111440881
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