spectrum of extraintestinal disease due to aeromonas species in tropical queensland, australia.during a 12-month period, the clinical spectrum of extraintestinal disease due to aeromonas species was determined for 56 patients in tropical queensland (australia). forty-six patients acquired their infection in the community, six patients were infected in the hospital, and four patients were colonized. demographic risk factors included male gender (67%) and aboriginal ethnic background (35%). the disease ranged from deep-seated infection (four cases) to soft-tissue infection of varying intens ...19938513068
implications of faecal indicator bacteria for the microbiological assessment of roof-harvested rainwater quality in southeast queensland, australia.the study aimed to evaluate the suitability of escherichia coli, enterococci, and clostridium perfringens for assessing the microbiological quality of roof-harvested rainwater and assessing whether the concentrations of these faecal indicators can be used to predict the presence or absence of specific zoonotic bacterial or protozoan pathogens. from a total of 100 samples tested, 58%, 83%, and 46% of samples were found to be positive for, respectively, e. coli, enterococci, and clostridium perfri ...201020657617
opportunistic pathogens in roof-captured rainwater samples, determined using quantitative this study, quantitative pcr (qpcr) was used for the detection of four opportunistic bacterial pathogens in water samples collected from 72 rainwater tanks in southeast queensland, australia. tank water samples were also tested for fecal indicator bacteria (escherichia coli and enterococcus spp.) using culture-based methods. among the 72 tank water samples tested, 74% and 94% samples contained e. coli and enterococcus spp., respectively, and the numbers of e. coli and enterococcus spp. in tan ...201424531256
aeromonas wound infection in burns.infection of burn patients with the aeromonas organism is an uncommon event. this paper documents four cases of aeromonas hydrophila and one case involving both a. hydrophila and a. caviae occurring in burn patients between 1990 and 1998 at the royal brisbane hospital burns unit. the organism was isolated from either skin swabs, tissue samples, blood cultures or cultured lines. in all patients there was a history of immersion in water immediately post burn. there is one case of invasion and dest ...200010812272
the spectrum of aeromonas-associated diarrhea in tropical queensland, australia.during a twelve-month period (1 july 91-30 june 92), feces from 912 persons from the townsville region in the dry tropics of queensland, australia were evaluated by culture and 45 (4.9%) immunocompetent patients were found to be carrying aeromonas in their stools. all patients were index cases and no secondary cases from household or close contact of index cases were identified. eight patients (9.3%) were from palm island, an aboriginal community, and 37 (4.5%) were from the essentially caucasia ...19938266241
genotypic and phenotypic identification of aeromonas species and cpha-mediated carbapenem resistance in queensland, australia.infection caused by aeromonas spp. ranges from superficial wound infection to life-threatening septicemia. carbapenem resistance due to metallo-beta-lactamase, cpha encoded by the cpha gene, is a significant problem. this study defines aeromonas spp. causing clinical disease in queensland, australia. phenotypic tests for carbapenemase detection were assessed. one hundred aeromonas isolates from blood (22), wound (46), sterile sites (11), stool (18), eye (2), and sputum (1) were characterized by ...201626971634
real-time pcr detection of pathogenic microorganisms in roof-harvested rainwater in southeast queensland, this study, the microbiological quality of roof-harvested rainwater was assessed by monitoring the concentrations of escherichia coli, enterococci, clostridium perfringens, and bacteroides spp. in rainwater obtained from tanks in southeast queensland, australia. samples were also tested using real-time pcr (with sybr green i dye) for the presence of potential pathogenic microorganisms. of the 27 rainwater samples tested, 17 (63%), 21 (78%), 13 (48%), and 24 (89%) were positive for e. coli, en ...200818621865
prevalence of environmental aeromonas in south east queensland, australia: a study of their interactions with human monolayer caco-2 investigate the prevalence of aeromonas in a major waterway in south east queensland, australia, and their interactions with a gut epithelial model using caco-2 cells.200616968308
an unusual mortality event in johnstone river snapping turtles elseya irwini (johnstone) in far north queensland, unusual mortality event in johnstone river snapping turtles (elseya irwini) in far north queensland, australia, occurred during the summer months of december 2014 and january 2015. we report the data collected during the mortality event, including counts of sick and dead animals, clinical appearance and one necropsy.201728948624
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