comparative analysis of the complete genome sequence of the california msw strain of myxoma virus reveals potential host adaptations.myxomatosis is a rapidly lethal disease of european rabbits that is caused by myxoma virus (myxv). the introduction of a south american strain of myxv into the european rabbit population of australia is the classic case of host-pathogen coevolution following cross-species transmission. the most virulent strains of myxv for european rabbits are the californian viruses, found in the pacific states of the united states and the baja peninsula, mexico. the natural host of californian myxv is the brus ...201323986601
attenuation of the myxoma virus and use of the living attenuated virus as an immunizing agent for myxomatosis. 196414233132
sequence mapping of the californian msw strain of myxoma virus.partial sequence mapping of the msw californian strain of myxoma virus was performed by cloning ecori and sali restriction fragments of viral dna and sequencing the ends of these. in this way, regions of 74 msw open reading frames were sequenced and mapped onto the complete genome sequences of the related leporipoxviruses south american myxoma virus and rabbit fibroma virus to form a partial map of the msw strain. in general, gene locations and sequences were conserved between the three viruses. ...200414991443
studies in the epidemiology of myxomatosis in california. iv. the susceptibility of six leporid species to californian myxoma virus and the relative infectivity of their tumors for mosquitoes. 19715166039
absence of serological evidence of myxoma virus infection in humans exposed during an outbreak of myxomatosis. 19664381646
differences among the soluble antigens of myxoma viruses originating in brazil and in california. 196314043420
a comparative study of a strain of myxovirus from cattle in california affected with shipping fever with american and european strains of parainfluenza 3 virus. 196313932093
a myxoma virus epizootic in a brush rabbit population. 19724634525
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