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abiotic and biotic contributors to support inter-epidemic francisella tularensis in an agricultural peri-urban characterize the inter-epidemic ecology of francisella tularensis, we surveyed vertebrates and invertebrates for the abundance, spatial distribution, and status of infection at a site in northern california that had evidence of endemic type b tularemia. we collected 2910 mosquitoes, 77 biting flies, 704 ticks, 115 mammals, and 1911 aquatic invertebrates in 2013-2014. real-time pcr on all mosquitoes, 40 biting flies, 113 aquatic invertebrates, and 650 ticks did not detect f. tularensis dna. in ...201728968195
effectiveness of rodenticides for managing invasive roof rats and native deer mice in orchards.roof rats (rattus rattus) and deer mice (peromyscus maniculatus) are occasional pests of nut and tree fruit orchards throughout california and in many other parts of the usa and beyond. in general, the most practical and cost-effective control method for rodents in many agricultural environments is the use of rodenticides (toxic baits), but little or no information exists on the efficacy of current rodenticides in controlling roof rats and deer mice in orchards. therefore, our goals were to deve ...201424443051
remarkable diversity of tick or mammalian-associated borreliae in the metropolitan san francisco bay area, california.the diversity of lyme disease (ld) and relapsing fever (rf)-group spirochetes in the metropolitan san francisco bay area in northern california is poorly understood. we tested ixodes pacificus, i. spinipalpis, and small mammals for presence of borreliae in alameda county in the eastern portion of san francisco bay between 2009 and 2012. analyses of 218 borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato (bb sl) culture or dna isolates recovered from host-seeking i. pacificus ticks revealed that the human pathogen b ...201425129859
body composition and amino acid concentrations of select birds and mammals consumed by cats in northern and central california.the diet of the feral domestic cat consists of primarily birds and small mammals, but the nutritional composition is relatively unknown. because of the increasing popularity of natural diets for cats and other wild captive carnivores, the purpose of this study was to describe the body composition and aa concentrations of select birds and small mammals in northern and central california: wild-caught mice (n = 7), norway rats (n = 2), roof rats (n = 2), voles (n = 4), moles (n = 2), gophers (n = 3 ...201323348686
genetic impacts of anacapa deer mice reintroductions following rat eradication.the anacapa deer mouse is an endemic subspecies that inhabits anacapa island, part of channel islands national park, california. we used mitochondrial dna cytochrome c oxidase subunit ii gene (coii) and 10 microsatellite loci to evaluate the levels of genetic differentiation and variation in ôê+1400 anacapa deer mice sampled before and for 4ôçâyears after a black rat (rattus rattus) eradication campaign that included trapping, captive holding and reintroduction of deer mice. both mitochondrial a ...201121711403
murine typhus: an unrecognized suburban vectorborne disease.murine typhus, an acute febrile illness caused by rickettsia typhi, is distributed worldwide. mainly transmitted by the fleas of rodents, it is associated with cities and ports where urban rats (rattus rattus and rattus norvegicus) are abundant. in the united states, cases are concentrated in suburban areas of texas and california. contrary to the classic rat-flea-rat cycle, the most important reservoirs of infection in these areas are opossums and cats. the cat flea, ctenocephalides felis, has ...200818260783
ectoparasite diversity and exposure to vector-borne disease agents in wild rodents in central coastal california.a survey of wild rodents was performed in the morro bay area of central coastal california to determine serological and polymerase chain reaction (pcr) prevalence of anaplasma phagocytophilum dumler, barbet, bekker, dasch, palmer, ray, rikihisa, and rurangirwa, borrelia burgdorferi johnson, schmidt, hyde, steigerwalt, and brenner, francisella tularensis mccoy, and yersinia pestis yersin; to describe the ectoparasitic fauna on important vector-borne disease hosts; and to determine whether pathoge ...200717427705
serologic evidence of a rickettsia akari-like infection among wild-caught rodents in orange county and humans in los angeles county, california.we detected antibodies reactive with rickettsia akari, the etiologic agent of rickettsialpox in humans and in 83 of 359 (23%) rodents belonging to several species, collected in orange county, ca. reciprocal antibody titers >1:16 to r. akari were detected in native mice and rats (peromyscus maniculatus, p. eremicus, and neotoma fuscipes) and in old world mice and rats (mus musculus, rattus rattus, and r. norvegicus), representing the first time that antibodies reactive with this agent have been d ...200718260508
role of small mammals in the ecology of borrelia burgdorferi in a peri-urban park in north coastal california.the role of small mammals other than woodrats in the enzootiology of the lyme disease spirochete, borrelia burgorferi, was assessed in the peri-urban park. mammals were collected monthly from september through to april. following tick removal, the animals were tested for b. burgdorferi by culture of ear-punch biopsies. larvae and nymphs that were intermediate in morphology between ixodes spinipalpis and ixodes neotomae occurred on several species of rodents (peromyscus truei, peromyscus californ ...19979291589
fleas on roof rats in six areas of los angeles county, california: their potential role in the transmission of plague and murine typhus to humans.roof rats (rattus rattus) in southern california are rarely involved with plague epizootics and murine typhus. little evidence exists implicating these rodents as sources of human infection. this might be explained by the absence of fleas capable of transmitting these 2 diseases. from february 1981 through january 1982, roof rats were live-trapped and examined for fleas each month in 4 areas of los angeles county. two other areas were trapped for 9 and 3 months respectively. areas sampled were i ...19853985278
plague infection in rattus rattus in san francisco. 196313962617
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