first report of ixodes (ixodes) minor neumann (acari: ixodidae) from south carolina.previous reports from the literature have indicated the northernmost range of extension of ixodes minor neumann to be southern georgia with the greatest number of collections having been made in the coastal regions of that state. an unpublished record in the u.s. national tick collection indicated that i. minor had been collected as far north as south island, georgetown county, s.c., as early as 1933. i. minor was collected on three separate occasions in charleston county, s.c., between october ...19921495043
seasonal colonization and decomposition of rat carrion in water and on land in an open field in south carolina.decomposition and insect colonization of rat, rattus rattus l., carrion on land and in water were compared during summer and winter in a plowed field in northwestern south carolina. during winter, carcasses on land reached the dried-remains stage of decomposition, whereas carcasses in water reached the early-floating stage. during summer, carcasses in both habitats entered the final-remains stage of decomposition in 1-2 wk. fewer than 30 species of carrion insects were recorded from the carcasse ...19989775597
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