asian karyotype (2n = 42) in the black rat (rattus rattus) in mexico.a cytogenetic survey in 10 black rats (rattus rattus), captured in guadalajara, jalisco, mexico, revealed a 42 chromosomal complement (asian type) in all of them. polymorphism due to pericentric inversions of chromosomes 9, 11 and 13, as well as a homomorphic subtelocentric pair 1, permitted further karyotypic distinction. an asian origin of this rat with a subsequent isolated evolution in mexico is concluded.19826982658
[rats and dogs: important vectors of leptospirosis in agricultural areas in cuidad guzmán, jalisco].a study was conducted to determine how important rats and dogs are in the dissemination of leptospirosis in farms and stales located in ciudad guzmán, jalisco. thirteen of leptospira interrograns serovarieties were used in microagglutination test of serogroups (mat). three hundred and fifty four rats (rattus rattus and rattus norvergicus) trapped in agricultural areas of the place were studied; 22 were positive (6,2%) and 34 suspected of leptospirosis (9,6%). also four hundred and nineteen dogs ...200215846935
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