[prevalence of protozoa infections in synanthropic rodents in valdivia city, chile].in order to determine the prevalence of infection by blood and intestinal protozoa in 57 synanthropic rodents from valdivia city, a study was carried out in the period march-september 1986. the group of rodents studied was constituted by 31 mus musculus, 19 rattus rattus and 7 oryzomys longicaudattus, being 42 males and 15 females. diagnostic forms of protozoa were found in 70.2% of the investigated animals. the presence of five species of enteroprotozoa and one species of hemoflagelate was dete ...19958762669
[comparison of 4 microscopy techniques for the diagnosis of leptospirosis in wild rodents in a rural area of valdivia, chile].kidneys of six different species of 93 wild rodents captured in the rural area of valdivia (chile) were simultaneously examined for leptospira infection by means of levaditi silver stain, dark ground microscopy in wet smears, and immunofluorescence and immunoperoxidase techniques using pooled antiserum against hardjo and pomona serovars. leptospira was shown to be present in 40 (43.0%) rodents. they were detected in five of the six species: akodon olivaceus, akodon longipilis, rattus rattus, ory ...19958850345
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