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first isolates of leptospira spp., from rodents captured in angola.rodents play an important role in the transmission of pathogenic leptospira spp. however, in angola, neither the natural reservoirs of these spirochetes nor leptospirosis diagnosis has been considered. regarding this gap, we captured rodents in luanda and huambo provinces to identify circulating leptospira spp. rodent kidney tissue was cultured and dna amplified and sequenced. culture isolates were evaluated for pathogenic status and typing with rabbit antisera; polymerase chain reaction (pcr) a ...201626928840
some ectoparasites of commensal rodents from huambo, angola.eight species of ectoparasites were collected from 166 commensal rodents, including rattus rattus (l.), rattus norvegicus (berkenhout), and mus musculus (l.), from january to december 1986, in huambo, angola. the oriental rat flea, xenopsylla cheopis (rothschild), was the predominant species with respect to mean intensity and prevalence. other fleas collected were ctenophthalmus (ethioctenophthalmus) machadoi ribeiro, dinopsyllus (dinopsyllus) smiti ribeiro, and echidnophaga gallinacea (westwood ...19947966180
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