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new record of nosopsyllus (nosopsyllus) barbarus (jordan and rothschild, 1912) (aphaniptera: dolichopsyllidae) from sicily. morphology at scanning electron microscopy of n. (n.) barbarus and n. (n.) fasciatus (bosc d'antic, 1800).nosopsyllus (n.) fasciatus, species or complex cosmopolitan and very polymorphic, is established in most of italian regions, in association with murine rodents, especially domestic species. n. (n.) barbarus, similar to n. fasciatus in modified segments of the male and perhaps in ecology, is presently known from north africa regions and a few mediterranean islands; in italy it is reported from sardinia and egadi islands. in this note the n. barbarus presence in sicily (palermo) and the contempora ...19979419843
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