hosts of the exotic ornate kangaroo tick, amblyomma triguttatum triguttatum koch, on southern yorke peninsula, south australia.amblyomma triguttatum triguttatum is assumed to be endemic to south-western western australia (including barrow island), queensland (excluding cape york peninsula), and new south wales, south to dubbo and barham. the species has been recorded on a range of mammalian hosts including macropods and domestic animals. in queensland, a. triguttatum triguttatum is implicated in the epidemiology of q fever. in 2000, the species was detected on southern yorke peninsula in south australia. we aimed to ide ...200717611781
streptobacillus notomytis sp. nov., isolated from a spinifex hopping mouse (notomys alexis thomas, 1922), and emended description of streptobacillus levaditi et al. 1925, eisenberg et al. 2015 emend.a pleomorphic, gram-negative, rod-shaped, indole-, oxidase- and catalase-negative, non-spore-forming, non-motile bacterium was isolated in 1979 from the heart of a spinifex hopping mouse (notomys alexis thomas, 1922) with septicaemia and stored as streptobacillus moniliformis in the strain collection of the animal health laboratory, south perth, western australia (ahl 370-1), as well as under ccug 12425. on the basis of 16srrna gene sequence analyses, the strain was assigned to the genus strepto ...201526438009
leptospira species in feral cats and black rats from western australia and christmas island.leptospirosis is a neglected, re-emerging bacterial disease with both zoonotic and conservation implications. rats and livestock are considered the usual sources of human infection, but all mammalian species are capable of carrying leptospira spp. and transmitting pathogenic leptospires in their urine, and uncertainty remains about the ecology and transmission dynamics of leptospira in different regions. in light of a recent case of human leptospirosis on tropical christmas island, this study ai ...201728437186
bartonella species identified in rodent and feline hosts from island and mainland western australia.bacteria of the genus bartonella have been described in multiple mammalian hosts with many species capable of causing disease in humans. cats and various species of rats have been reported to play a role as vertebrate hosts to a number of bartonella spp. this study aimed to identify bartonella spp. in western australia, dirk hartog island (dhi), and christmas island (ci) and to investigate the presence of potential arthropod vectors. feral cats were collected from ci (n = 35), dhi (n = 23) and s ...201626900749
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