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clonal diversity of ctx-m-producing, multidrug-resistant escherichia coli from rodents.this territory-wide study investigated the occurrence of faecal carriage of extended-spectrum β-lactamase (esbl)-producing escherichia coli among wild rodents from the 18 districts in hong kong. individual rectal swabs were obtained from the trapped animals and cultured in plain and selective media. a total of 965 wild rodents [148 chestnut spiny rats (niviventer fulvescens), 326 indo-chinese forest rats (rattus andamanensis), 452 brown rats (rattus norvegicus) and 39 black rats (rattus rattus)] ...201525627207
possible role of an animal vector in the sars outbreak at amoy gardens.a mass outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (sars) in the amoy gardens housing complex in hong kong at the end of march, 2003, affected more than 300 residents in less than a month, and has epidemiologists all over the world puzzled about the mode of transmission of this new disease, which until then was thought to be transmitted solely by respiratory droplets. the source of the outbreak was later traced to an individual with sars who spent two nights at amoy gardens. official explanati ...200312932393
variation of c-bands in the chromosomes of several subspecies of rattus rattus.all subspecies of black rats (rattus rattus) used in the present study are characterized by having large and clear c-bands at the centromeric region. the appearance of the bands, however, is different in the subspecies. chromosome pair no. 1 in asian type black rats (2n=42), which are characterized by an acrocentric and subtelocentric polymorphism, showed c-band polymorphism. in phillipine rats (r. rattus mindanensis) the pair was subtelocentric with c-bands, but in malayan black rats (r. rattus ...19751149576
frequencies of chromosome polymorphism in pairs no. 1, 9, and 13 in three geographical variants of black rats, rattus rattus.frequencies of the acrocentric and subtelocentric polymorphism in pairs no. 1, 9 and 13 chromosomes have been examined in 358 black rats. rattus rattus, distributed over several countries of asia, austrailia and united states. the black rats are divided into three geographical types by the different chromosome numbers, such as asian (2n=42), ceylon (2n=40) and oceanian types (2n=38). pairs no. 13 polymorphism was found widely in these all types, but the pair no. 1 and 9 polymorphisms were found ...1977858265
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