insecticide susceptibility of some vector fleas and mosquitoes in burma.rat fleas and mosquitoes are insect vectors of public health importance in burma. plague is endemic in central burma and ddt has been the principal insecticide used for its control to date. dengue haemorrhagic fever, recently introduced and transmitted by aedes aegypti, has been spreading to major towns since 1971. the rodents, rattus rattus, r. exulans, bandicota bengalensis, mus musculus, as well as shrews were commonly caught during routine trapping in the country. rattus norvegicus, prevalen ...1975131975
species distribution of trombiculid mites on murine rodents in rangoon, burma.ectoparasite collections from over 12,000 commensal rodents and shrews in rangoon were examined. rattus rattus, r. norvegicus, r. exulans and bandicota bengalensis were found to host 12 species of trombiculid mites. ascoschoengastia indica was the most abundant trombiculid found representing 84% of the total sample of 15,000 chiggers. this species (a. indica) may be of considerable significance as a vector of murine typhus.19806449738
mesostigmatid mites associated with three rattus species collected in rangoon, burma.examination of 909 female mesostigmatid mites of 247 samples collected from rattus rattus, r. norvegicus and r. exulans in rangoon, burma found 8 species present: laelaps echidnina, l. nuttalli, l. myonyssognathus, laelaps sp. a and b of allred 1970, l. wittei, liponyssoides muris and ornithonyssus bacoti.19806449081
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