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a survey of gastrointestinal parasites in pigs of the plateau and rivers states, nigeria.faecal samples were collected from a total of 1,000 pigs from the port harcourt and jos areas of the rivers and plateau states, respectively, between january 1987 and march 1988. in the jos area the parasite incidence was: ascaris suum 53.1%, trichuris suis 8.5%, hyostrongylus rubidus 13.1%, metastrongylus salmi 3.7%, strongyloides ransomi 87.7%, oesophagostomum dentatum 35.1% and eimeria spp. 2.4% while in port harcourt the incidence rate was ascaris suum 10.4%, trichuris suis 47.2%, oesophagos ...19902092354
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