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helminths recovered from black bears in the peace river region of northwestern alberta.a total of 91 free-ranging black bears (ursus americanus) from the peace river region of northwestern alberta was examined for helminths. four species, baylisascaris transfuga, taenia krabbei, taenia hydatigena and dirofilaria ursi, were found. none of the bears was heavily infected. results are compared with other similar north american surveys.1979459048
survey of hepatic and pulmonary helminths of wild cervids in alberta, canada.during the 1988 hunting season, livers and lungs from 263 mule deer (odocoileus hemionus hemionus), 198 moose (alces alces), 147 white-tailed deer (odocoileus virginianus), and 94 wapiti (cervus elaphus nelsoni) from alberta (canada) were collected for parasitological examination. most of the samples (89%) were submitted by big game hunters throughout the province. giant liver fluke (fascioloides magna) was found in 9% of 22 yearling and 29% of 65 adult wapiti; 4% of 161 adult moose; and 2% of 9 ...19902250321
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