a two-center review of bacteremia in the community hospital.there are fewer studies on bacteremia coming from the community hospital, where the practicing family physician is likely to see this problem, than from the university hospital. the hypothesis of this study was that patterns of bacteremia would be different between the two types of hospitals. two hundred four patient episodes of culture-proven bacteremia from two analogous community hospitals were reviewed. bacteremia was discovered in 2.6 of 1,000 patients, which is lower than reports from univ ...19873546587
self-collection of group b streptococcus cultures in pregnant women.this study assesses the sensitivity of self-collected rectovaginal culture specimens for group b streptococcus by pregnant patients.199910414060
readmission for group b streptococci or escherichia coli infection among full-term, singleton, vaginally delivered neonates after early discharge from florida hospitals for births from 1992 through florida during the period 1992 through 1994, there was a major drop in the length of stay for full-term, singleton, vaginally delivered newborn babies in the hospital. a major concern on the part of clinicians has been the potential of an increased risk of sepsis (manifesting itself after discharge) associated with earlier newborn discharge from the hospital. we used the florida hospital discharge dataset to study the frequency of readmission with sepsis after early newborn discharge to home.199910685197
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