[bloodstream infection in a neonatology unit of medellín-colombia, 2008-2009].bloodstream infection (bsi) is one of the main causes of sepsis and death in newborns. the relative importance of nosocomial and non-nosocomial agents in developing countries is not clear. we conducted a prospective study of newborns hospitalized with a first episode of bsi in order to classify it as early, late or nosocomial, describe the clinical and microbiological characteristics, and explore risk factors between hospital-acquired vs community-acquired bsi (ha-bsi vs ca-bsi). twenty-seven ne ...201021279285
group b streptococcal colonization in medellín, colombia. 19902186355
herd- and cow-level risk factors associated with subclinical mastitis in dairy farms from the high plains of the northern antioquia, colombia.mastitis is the main disease entity affecting dairy farms in the colombian high plains of northern antioquia, colombia. however, no previous epidemiologic studies have determined the characteristics that increase the risk of infection in this region, where manual milking is still the prevailing system of milking. a 24-mo longitudinal study was designed to identify the predominant mastitis pathogens and important herd- and cow-level risk factors. monthly visits were made to 37 commercial dairy fa ...201424792788
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