quarter, cow, and farm risk factors for intramammary infections with major pathogens relative to minor pathogens in thai dairy cows.a cross-sectional study was carried out from may to september 2011 on 35 smallholder dairy farms in chiang mai, thailand, to identify the quarter, cow, and farm factors that relate to intramammary infections (imi) from major specified pathogens, compared to infections from minor pathogens. data on general farm management, milking management, and dry cow management were recorded for each herd. quarter milk samples were collected from either clinical or subclinical mastitis quarters. dependent var ...201424823898
streptococcus agalactiae in adults at chiang mai university hospital: a retrospective study.abstract: background: infection caused by streptococcus agalactiae, a group b streptococcus, is an emerging disease in non-pregnant adults. this study describes the epidemiological, clinical, and microbiological characteristics of s. agalactiae infection in adult patients in northern thailand. methods: a retrospective study was conducted between january 1, 2006 and december 31, 2009 at chiang mai university hospital among patients aged [greater than or equal to]15 years, whose clinical specimens ...201121612629
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