invasive group b streptococcal infection in infants, b streptococci (gbs) are a recently identified cause of neonatal sepsis in malawi. in queen elizabeth central hospital, blantyre, malawi, during may 2004-june 2005, gbs were isolated from routine blood and cerebrospinal fluid cultures from 57 infants. the incidence of early (eod) and late onset (lod) invasive gbs disease was 0.92 and 0.89 cases per 1,000 live births, respectively. sepsis (52%) was the most common manifestation of eod; meningitis (43%) and sepsis (36%) were the principal ma ...200717479883
acute bacterial meningitis in children admitted to the queen elizabeth central hospital, blantyre, malawi in design appropriate interventions, we collected clinical and demographic data prospectively on all children aged one day to 14 years admitted with a diagnosis of bacterial meningitis (bm) from april 1st 1996 to march 31st 1997 to the queen elizabeth central hospital (qech), blantyre, malawi. during the study period 267 children (2.7% of all paediatric admissions) were found to have bm; 83% were under 5 years of age, 61% under one year and 23% under one month. the most common causative organism ...19989735931
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