murine viruses in an island population of introduced house mice and endemic short-tailed mice in western mice (mus domesticus) were recently introduced to thevenard island, off the northwest coast of western australia. this island is also habitat for an endangered native rodent, the short-tailed mouse (leggadina lakedownensis). concerns have been raised that house mice may pose a threat to l. lakedownensis both through competition and as a source of infection. to assess the threat to l. lakedownensis posed by viral pathogens from m. domesticus, a serological survey was conducted from 1994 to ...199910231757
pathogens of house mice on arid boullanger island and subantarctic macquarie island, australia.studies on island populations of house mice (mus domesticus) and their viruses reveal insights into viral persistence in isolated communities. we surveyed the ectoparasites, endoparasites, and antiviral antibodies for 11 murine viruses and two bacteria of house mice inhabiting two islands off australia. house mice on boullanger island were seropositive to two viruses, murine cytomegalovirus and epizootic diarrhea of infant mice. on subantarctic macquarie island, house mice were seropositive for ...200314733270
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