coupling 16s-its rdna clone libraries and automated ribosomal intergenic spacer analysis to show marine microbial diversity: development and application to a time series.we outline an approach to simultaneously assess multilevel microbial diversity patterns utilizing 16s-its rdna clone libraries coupled with automated ribosomal intergenic spacer analysis (arisa). sequence data from 512 clones allowed estimation of arisa fragment lengths associated with bacteria in a coastal marine environment. we matched 92% of arisa peaks (each comprising >1% total amplified product) with corresponding lengths from clone libraries. these peaks with putative identification accou ...200516104869
a freshwater cyanophage whose genome indicates close relationships to photosynthetic marine cyanomyophages.bacteriophage s-crm01 has been isolated from a freshwater strain of synechococcus and shown to be present in the upper klamath river valley in northern california and oregon. the genome of this lytic t4-like phage has a 178 563 bp circular genetic map with 297 predicted protein-coding genes and 33 trna genes that represent all 20-amino-acid specificities. analyses based on gene sequence and gene content indicate a close phylogenetic relationship to the 'photosynthetic' marine cyanomyophages infe ...201121605306
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