the pathology of sponge orange band disease affecting the caribbean barrel sponge xestospongia muta.the aim of this study was to examine sponge orange band (sob) disease affecting the prominent caribbean sponge xestospongia muta. scanning and transmission electron microscopy revealed that sob is accompanied by the massive destruction of the pinacoderm. chlorophyll a content and the main secondary metabolites, tetrahydrofurans, characteristic of x. muta, were significantly lower in bleached than in healthy tissues. denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis using cyanobacteria-specific 16s rrna ge ...201021118276
targeted metagenomics and ecology of globally important uncultured eukaryotic phytoplankton.among eukaryotes, four major phytoplankton lineages are responsible for marine photosynthesis; prymnesiophytes, alveolates, stramenopiles, and prasinophytes. contributions by individual taxa, however, are not well known, and genomes have been analyzed from only the latter two lineages. tiny "picoplanktonic" members of the prymnesiophyte lineage have long been inferred to be ecologically important but remain poorly characterized. here, we examine pico-prymnesiophyte evolutionary history and ecolo ...201020668244
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