photosystem i gene cassettes are present in marine virus genomes.cyanobacteria of the synechococcus and prochlorococcus genera are important contributors to photosynthetic productivity in the open oceans. recently, core photosystem ii (psii) genes were identified in cyanophages and proposed to function in photosynthesis and in increasing viral fitness by supplementing the host production of these proteins. here we show evidence for the presence of photosystem i (psi) genes in the genomes of viruses that infect these marine cyanobacteria, using pre-existing me ...200919710652
microbial ecology of four coral atolls in the northern line islands.microbes are key players in both healthy and degraded coral reefs. a combination of metagenomics, microscopy, culturing, and water chemistry were used to characterize microbial communities on four coral atolls in the northern line islands, central pacific. kingman, a small uninhabited atoll which lies most northerly in the chain, had microbial and water chemistry characteristic of an open ocean ecosystem. on this atoll the microbial community was equally divided between autotrophs (mostly prochl ...200818301735
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