natural infections of man-biting sand flies by leishmania and trypanosoma species in the northern peruvian andes.abstract the natural infection of sand flies by leishmania species was studied in the andean areas of peru where cutaneous leishmaniasis caused by leishmania (viannia) peruviana is endemic. sand flies were captured by human bait and center for disease control (cdc) light trap catches at nambuque and padregual, department of la libertad, peru, and morphologically identified. among 377 female sand flies dissected, the two dominant man-biting species were lutzomyia (helcocyrtomyia) peruensis (211 f ...201020954867
genetic diversity of the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene in lutzomyia spp., with special reference to lutzomyia peruensis, a main vector of leishmania (viannia) peruviana in the peruvian andes.the genetic divergence caused by genetic drift and/or selection is suggested to affect the vectorial capacity and insecticide susceptibility of sand flies, as well as other arthropods. in the present study, cytochrome b (cyt b) gene sequences were determined in 13 species circulating in peru to establish a basis for analysis of the genetic structure, and the intraspecific genetic diversity was assessed in the lutzomyia (lu.) peruensis, a main vector species of leishmania (viannia) peruviana in p ...201323416127
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