isolation of metronidazole-resistant bacteroides fragilis carrying the nima nitroreductase gene from a patient in washington state.members of the bacteroides fragilis group are among the most common anaerobic bacterial isolates in clinical specimens. metronidazole, a 5-nitroimidazole, is often used as empirical therapy for anaerobic infections. susceptibility testing is not routinely performed because of nearly universal susceptibility of bacteroides spp. to this agent. we report a case of metronidazole-resistant bacteroides fragilis in the united states and demonstrate the presence of the nima gene, encoding a nitroreducta ...200415364999
multidrug-resistant bacteroides fragilis--seattle, washington, 2013.the bacteroides fragilis group consists of species of obligate anaerobic bacteria that inhabit the human gut. they are among the leading pathogens isolated in the setting of intra-abdominal infections. b. fragilis strains, especially in the united states, are virtually always susceptible to metronidazole, carbapenems, and beta-lactam antibiotics. although isolated cases of resistance to single agents have been reported, multidrug-resistant (mdr) b. fragilis strains are exceptionally rare. in may ...201323985497
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