epidemiology and spectrum of positive bacteriological culture in intrauterine fluid collected from women with postmenopausal bleeding.this study aims to examine the prevalence and bacteriological findings of different types of intrauterine fluid collection in women presenting with postmenopausal bleeding and the risk factors for predicting positive microbiological culture, mixed growth, and anaerobic growth.201424473531
faecal steroids and bacteria and large bowel cancer in hong kong by socio-economic a study of three socio-economic groups in hong kong, the high income group had a high faecal concentration of bile acids, especially the dihydroxy bile acids, compared to the low income group. the faecal bile acids were also more highly degraded. the faecal flora contained more bacteroides and fewer eubacteria. very few of the clostridia able to dehydrogenate the steroid nucleus were isolated. an epidemiological study based on street blocks indicated that the high income group also have a hig ...1976962996
antimicrobial susceptibility of bacteroides fragilis group organisms in hong kong by the tentative eucast disc diffusion method.this study used a recently developed eucast disc diffusion method to measure the susceptibility of 741 b. fragilis group isolates to six antibiotics. isolates nonsusceptible to imipenem and metronidazole by the disc method were further investigated by e-test. species identification was obtained by matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry (maldi-tof ms), pcr assays and 16s rrna sequencing. the most common species were b. fragilis (n = 424, including 81 division ...201728414107
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