wherefrom and whereabouts of an alien: the american liver fluke fascioloides magna in austria: an overview.the giant liver fluke fascioloides magna, an invasive species originating from north america, was recorded in austria in the wild for the first time in 2000. since then, various data concerning the epidemiology in snail intermediate hosts and cervid final hosts have been reported. galba truncatula acts as snail intermediate host, and red deer, roe deer and fallow deer act as final hosts. g. truncatula is abundant throughout the region, especially along muddy shores of slow-flowing branches of th ...201424535172
genetic homogeneity of fascioloides magna in austria.the large american liver fluke, fascioloides magna, is an economically relevant parasite of both domestic and wild ungulates. f. magna was repeatedly introduced into europe, for the first time already in the 19th century. in austria, a stable population of f. magna has established in the danube floodplain forests southeast of vienna. the aim of this study was to determine the genetic diversity of f. magna in austria. a total of 26 individuals from various regions within the known area of distrib ...201728807315
[incidence and control of the american giant liver fluke, fascioloides magna, in a population of wild ungulates in the danubian wetlands east of vienna].fascioloides magna,the giant liver fluke, is an introduced parasite imported to europe with infected game which is endemic in the austrian wetlands of the danube from vienna to the slovakian border. due to its pathogenicity (especially in roe deer) and its potential of transmission to domestic ruminants a project on the epidemiology and control of this parasite was carried out between 2000 and 2005. to assess distribution faecal droppings from red deer were collected in an area along the danube ...200617009716
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