estrous cycle characteristics and response to estrus synchronization in mammoth asses (equus asinus americanus).breeding records from a herd of mammoth asses (equus asinus americanus) maintained on pasture in southeast texas from 1990 to 1998 were reviewed. jennies were pasture or hand mated, and estrus was either observed while the jennies were on pasture or when exposed to a jack after being penned. eighty-one estrus periods and 43 diestrus intervals were recorded in 33 jennies over 4 seasons of the year (january-march, april-june, july-september, and october-december). estrous cycle length and the dura ...199910735123
malaria vaccine our report "activation of raf as a result of recruitment to the plasma membrane" (3 june, p. 1463) (1), panels e and f of figure 1 on page 1464 were incorrect. the correct photographs appear below. in addition, the [see figure in the pdf file] second sentence of the legend to figure 1 should have read, "the raf constructs were tagged at the cooh-terminus with a glu-glu epitope (meympme) (24) for c-raf, or at the nh(2)-terminus with both the glu-glu and the myc (meqkliseedl) (23) epitopes for ...19947864993
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