[natural infection of equus asinus by leishmania braziliensis braziliensis-bahia, brazil].in corte de pedra, valença, state of bahia, a donkey, equus asinus, was found naturally infected with leishmania braziliensis braziliensis. the parasite was isolated from a lesion located on a castration scar, and identified by means of monoclonal antibodies.19863587004
brazilian donkeys (equus asinus) have a low exposure to neospora spp.donkeys (equus asinus) are closely related to horses and are known to be infected by several equine pathogens. neospora caninum and neospora hughesi are protozoan parasites that infect horses, but they were not confirmed in donkeys up to this date. the aim of this study was to evaluate the exposure of donkeys (equus asinus) to neospora spp. using tachyzoites of n. caninum as antigen and employing two common serologic methods, ifat and immunoblot. sera from 500 donkeys were obtained from 30 munic ...201526444065
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