[cutaneous leishmaniasis in a mule (equus caballus x equus asinus) in an endemic area of the state of rio de janeiro]. 19863587005
zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis due to leishmania (viannia) braziliensis associated with domestic animals in venezuela and brazil.after outbreaks of cutaneous leishmaniasis in solano state, venezuela, 5% of the population had parasitized ulcers while after similar outbreaks in mesquita, rio de janeiro state, brazil, 9% had the disease. in these foci children, including some under six years of age, were affected. there was no significant difference in the occurrence of the disease according to sex or type of employment. in solano, 3% of dogs and 28% of donkeys had parasitized lesions, while in mesquita these indices were 19 ...19892319948
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