monitoring of genetic diversity in the endangered martina franca donkey population.the martina franca (mf) donkey, an ancient native breed of apulia, was mostly famous for mule production. the breed was at serious risk of extinction in the 1980s following the decrease in demand for draft animals because they were increasingly replaced by agricultural machinery. much has been done in the last few decades to safeguard the existing donkey breeds, but the situation remains critical. successful implementation of conservation measures includes an evaluation of the present degree of ...201121521813
report in europe of nasal myiasis by rhinoestrus spp. in horses and donkeys: seasonal patterns and taxonomical considerations.two species of rhinoestrus (i.e. rhinoestrus purpureus (brauer) and rhinoestrus usbekistanicus gan) cause nasal myiasis in horses, donkeys and zebras. in the past 15 years myiasis caused by r. purpureus has been reported in egypt and by r. usbekistanicus in senegal and niger, both in horses and in donkeys. with the aim to investigate the presence of this myiasis in autochthonous horses and donkeys from southern italy and to study the seasonal trend of larval infection, 212 native horses were nec ...200415158558
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