re-emergence of west nile virus in august 2008, west nile disease re-emerged in italy. the infection is affecting the north eastern regions and, as of november 2008, has caused 33 clinical cases and five fatalities in horses. until now, no deaths have been reported in birds. mosquitoes, blood, serum and tissue samples, from horses and birds, within and around the outbreak area, have been collected and tested by various methods both serologically and virologically. west nile virus strains have been isolated from blood samples o ...201019638165
phylogenetic analysis of west nile virus isolated in italy in italy the first occurrence of west nile virus (wnv) infection was reported in tuscany region during the late summer of 1998. in august 2008, the wnv infection re-emerged in italy, in areas surrounding the po river delta, and involving three regions lombardy, emilia romagna and veneto. wnv was isolated from blood and organs samples of one horse, one donkey, one pigeon (columba livia) and three magpies (pica pica). the phylogenetic analysis of the isolates, conducted on 255 bp in the region cod ...200819040827
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