ticks infesting livestock on farms in western sicily, italy.the results of a 2-year survey on ticks infesting livestock on farms in western sicily, italy, are reported. several dogs living in the same area were also examined for ticks. moreover, free-living ticks from one cattle farm were caught by co(2) traps and flagging. a total of 6208 specimens was collected belonging to 9 species: rhipicephalus bursa (32.4%), rhipicephalus turanicus (22.7%), rhipicephalus sanguineus (19.3%), hyalomma lusitanicum (12.0%), haemaphysalis punctata (7.8%), hyalomma marg ...200616550337
observed prevalence of tick-borne pathogens in domestic animals in sicily, italy during 2003-2005.the objective of this study was to characterize the observed prevalence of tick-borne pathogens (tbp) in domestic animals in sicily, italy during 2003-2005. serological (competitive elisa and indirect immunofluorescence antibody, n = 3299) and dna tests (polymerase chain reaction and reverse line blot, n = 2565) were conducted on horse, donkey, cattle, sheep, goat, pig and dog samples. pathogens analysed included anaplasma, ehrlichia, rickettsia, babesia and theileria species, and coxiella burne ...200717359441
isolation of enterobacter sakazakii from ass' milk in sicily: case report, safety and legal issues.enterobacter sakazakii (es) infections are likely to involve newborns and infants, causing meningitis and necrotizing enterocolitis and sepsis. contamination of infant formulae milk during factory production or bottle preparation is implicated. es has been isolated from environmental sources and from food other than infant formula and milk powder, but why it is associated only with the consumption of infant formulae, is unclear. according to regulation (ec) no. 2073/2005 on the microbiological c ...200818571118
characterization of anaplasma infections in sicily, italy.this study aimed to characterize infection with anaplasma marginale, a. phagocytophilum, a. ovis, and a. platys in humans, animals, and ticks in sicily, italy, during 2003-2006. serologic (competitive elisa [celisa]) and indirect immunofluorescence antibody [ifa]; n= 1990) and dna (polymerase chain reaction [pcr]; n= 2788) tests were conducted on horse, donkey, cattle, sheep, goat, pig, dog, cat, roe deer, wild boar, human, and tick samples. the results reported herein suggested that in sicily c ...200819120181
detection of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (mrsa) in the microbial flora from the conjunctiva of healthy donkeys from sicily (italy).to describe the bacterial flora present in the normal conjunctiva of donkeys from sicily (italy).201322520064
anaplasma phagocytophilum seroprevalence in equids: a survey in sicily (italy).this study was undertaken to determine the prevalence of anaplasma phagocytophilum infection in equidae and investigate the possibility of exposure to the organism in sicily (southern italy). during the study blood samples were collected in horses and donkeys housed in five of the nine provinces of sicilian island. of 133 horses and 100 donkeys tested, respectively 9.0% and 6.0% were seroactive (ifat) with a. phagocytophilum antigen. in only 4.7% of the horses, specific a. phagocytophilum dna wa ...201222362364
molecular epidemiology of human and bovine anaplasmosis in southern europe.the genus anaplasma (rickettsiales: anaplasmataceae) includes several pathogens such as a. marginale and a. phagocytophilum that have an impact on veterinary and human health. in this study, we characterized a. marginale and a. phagocytophilum infections in humans, wild and domestic animals, and ticks in southern europe (particularly in south-central spain and in sicily) by means of serologic study, pcr, and sequence analysis of major surface proteins (msp) 1alpha and 4 and 16s rdna. the results ...200617114686
report in europe of nasal myiasis by rhinoestrus spp. in horses and donkeys: seasonal patterns and taxonomical considerations.two species of rhinoestrus (i.e. rhinoestrus purpureus (brauer) and rhinoestrus usbekistanicus gan) cause nasal myiasis in horses, donkeys and zebras. in the past 15 years myiasis caused by r. purpureus has been reported in egypt and by r. usbekistanicus in senegal and niger, both in horses and in donkeys. with the aim to investigate the presence of this myiasis in autochthonous horses and donkeys from southern italy and to study the seasonal trend of larval infection, 212 native horses were nec ...200415158558
serologic and molecular characterization of anaplasma species infection in farm animals and ticks from sicily.although anaplasma marginale was known to be endemic in italy, the diversity of anaplasma spp. from this area have not been characterized. in this study, the prevalence of anaplasma spp. antibodies in randomly selected farm animals collected on the island of sicily was determined by use of a msp5 celisa for anaplasma spp. and an immunofluorescence test specific for anaplasma phagocytophilum. genetic variation among strains of anaplasma spp. from animals and ticks was characterized using the a. m ...200516043300
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