pedigree information reveals moderate to high levels of inbreeding and a weak population structure in the endangered catalonian donkey breed.the catalonian donkey is one of the most endangered donkey breeds in the world. at present, five main subpopulations exist: afrac, which consists of many genetically connected catalonian localities; berga, which consists of a single herd located also in catalunya but under private management; and three minor non-catalonian subpopulations (huesca, sevilla and toledo). in this study, we analysed the pedigree information of the catalonian donkey herdbook to assess the genetic diversity and populati ...200516274421
analysis of polar hydrophilic aromatic sulfonates in waste water treatment plants by ce/ms and lc/ms.the present work describes the development and optimization of a capillary (zone) electrophoresis/mass spectrometric (ce/ms) analysis method for polar hydrophilic aromatic sulfonates (ass). the compounds were detected by negative ion electrospray ionization (niesi) and selected ion monitoring (sim). in comparison with ce/uv, for ce/ms a lower-concentration volatile ammonium acetate buffer (5 mm) without organic modifier and a higher separation voltage were better suited for separation. sensitivi ...200011110092
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