[prevalence of rhinoestrus usbekistanicus (gan 1947) in donkeys (equus asinus) in senegal].a survey performed in dakar (senegal) showed, for the first time, the presence of rhinoestrus usbekistanicus in donkeys in the south of the sahara desert. out of the 138 heads examined between november and june, 84% were infected by a mean burden of 15.9 larvae (9.7 l1, 1.8 l2 and 4.1 l3). there is a hypobiotic period starting in march during the dry season.19968881418
[serological survey of animal toxoplasmosis in senegal].toxoplasma gondii is an obligate, intracellular, parasitic protozoan within the phylum apicomplexa that causes toxoplasmosis in mammalian hosts (including humans) and birds. we used modified direct agglutination test for the screening of the animals' sera collected in senegal. in total, 419 animals' sera have been studied: 103 bovines, 43 sheep, 52 goats, 63 horses, 13 donkeys and 145 dogs. the collection of sera was performed in four different regions of senegal: dakar, sine saloum, kedougou an ...201525307881
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