dermatitis, branchitis and mortality in empire gudgeon hypseleotris compressa exposed naturally to runoff from acid sulfate soils.severe dermatitis and branchitis are described in a wild population of empire gudgeon hypseleotris compressa, an australian eleotrid, exposed naturally to runoff from acid sulfate soils (ass) in a drained estuarine embayment in eastern australia. after at least 2 d exposure to ph < 4, and up to 7 d exposure to ph < 6, approximately 50% of the fish sampled had moderate to severe diffuse epidermal hyperplasia, usually at scale margins, and scattered areas of moderate to severe, focal to locally ex ...200515819440
innovative zoning to support equine influenza eradication from new south wales, australia.following detection of equine influenza (ei) in new south wales, a complete standstill was imposed the next morning on the movement of all horses and donkeys within the state. premises' biosecurity guidelines became progressively more stringent with time in an effort to stop local spread. the standstill was highly effective as a primary response to stop ei becoming widespread across australia, but did not prevent spread to properties contiguous to infected premises in areas of high horse density ...201121711306
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