vulnerability of organic acid tolerant wetland biota to the effects of inorganic acidification.inland waterbodies are often naturally acidic but are these ecosystems pre-adapted to inorganic acidification e.g., by acid sulfate soils (ass)? we conducted a controlled mesocosm experiment with inorganically acidified wetland water and wetland sediment replicates to ph 3 from a naturally acidic (ph 3.9, conductivity=74microscm(-1)) wetland in south-western australia. following acidification, dissolved organic carbon and nitrogen declined, and chlorophyll a dropped to zero. inorganic acidificat ...201020163829
genetic and epidemiological characterization of stretch lagoon orbivirus, a novel orbivirus isolated from culex and aedes mosquitoes in northern australia.stretch lagoon orbivirus (slov) was isolated in 2002 from pooled culex annulirostris mosquitoes collected at stretch lagoon, near the wolfe creek national park in the kimberley region of western australia. conventional serological tests were unable to identify the isolate, and electron microscopy indicated a virus of the genus orbivirus, family reoviridae. here, a cdna subtraction method was used to obtain approximately one-third of the viral genome, and further sequencing was performed to compl ...200919282430
donkey orchid symptomless virus: a viral 'platypus' from australian terrestrial orchids.complete and partial genome sequences of two isolates of an unusual new plant virus, designated donkey orchid symptomless virus (dosv) were identified using a high-throughput sequencing approach. the virus was identified from asymptomatic plants of australian terrestrial orchid diuris longifolia (common donkey orchid) growing in a remnant forest patch near perth, western australia. dosv was identified from two d. longifolia plants of 264 tested, and from at least one plant of 129 caladenia latif ...201324223974
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