common occurrence of cryptosporidium hominis in horses and donkeys.extensive genetic variation is observed within the genus cryptosporidium and the distribution of cryptosporidium species/genotypes in humans and animals appears to vary by geography and host species. to better understand the genetic diversity of cryptosporidium spp. in horses and donkeys, we characterized five horse-derived and 82 donkey-derived cryptosporidium isolates from five provinces or autonomous regions (sichuan, gansu, henan, inner mongolia and shandong) in china at the species/genotype ...201627264727
[character study of content and correlativity of elements in radix astragali obtained from different regions].to study the characters of concentration of 42 elements in radix astragali and make an attempt at looking for relationship between the element concentration and regions where samplers are obtained.200818536459
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