parasites of domestic and wild animals in south africa. l. ixodid ticks infesting horses and donkeys.the aim of the study was to determine the species spectrum of ixodid ticks that infest horses and donkeys in south africa and to identify those species that act as vectors of disease to domestic livestock. ticks were collected opportunistically from 391 horses countrywide by their owners or grooms, or by veterinary students and staff at the faculty of veterinary science, university of pretoria. ticks were also collected from 76 donkeys in limpopo province, 2 in gauteng province and 1 in north we ...201728281774
dourine in southern africa 1981-1984: serological findings from the veterinary research institute, onderstepoort.the distribution of positive dourine cases found on the complement fixation test at the veterinary research institute, onderstepoort from 1981 to 1984, is recorded. within the republic of south africa, foci of infection occurred in the johannesburg, pretoria, potchefstroom, rustenburg, upington, lichtenburg, kroonstad, louis trichardt, middelburg (cape) and mossel bay state veterinary districts. in bophuthatswana, transkei, lesotho, south west africa and swaziland, positive cases were also recor ...19863806561
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