studies on the livestock of southern darfur, sudan vi. notes on equines.equines have been largely ignored in modern scientific literature on domestic animals, probably because they are not providers of meat and milk. their contribution to the economy in the sudan, however, is considerable and they are the principal means of transport both as baggage and as riding animals. they also play an important role in the supply of fuel and the distribution of domestic water in the larger villages and towns. information on population structure is provided and descriptions, wit ...1978705901
current status of equine piroplasmosis in the sudan.this is a cross-sectional molecular epidemiological study on equine piroplasmosis (ep) affecting horses and donkeys in the sudan. the study evaluated 499 samples from geographically distinct regions in eastern, central and western parts of the country. pcr amplification of the 18s rrna gene of both thelieria equi and babesia caballi was carried out. horses from all sampled areas were found positive to t. equi dna but no b. caballi was detected. absence of b. caballi infection was confirmed by an ...201323485745
molecular detection of equine trypanosomes in the sudan.equine trypanosomosis (et) is a protozoan disease affecting equines in many parts of the world. we examined 509 samples collected from geographically distinct regions in eastern, central and western sudan to estimate the endemicity of et using the generic its1-pcr diagnostic methods. results revealed that horses and donkeys were infected by trypanosoma brucei subgroup, trypanosoma vivax, trypanosoma simiae and trypanosoma congolense. the prevalence of trypanosoma spp. was higher in horses (12.7% ...201424439848
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