vector potential of culicine mosquitoes in faiyum governorate, egypt.culicine mosquito populations were studied for 1 year in 2 neighboring villages in faiyum governorate, egypt. dominant species in larval collections included culex pipiens, cx. univitattus, cx. antennatus, aedes caspius and uranotaenia unguiculata; culiseta longiareolata was less common. culex pipiens accounted for 98% of 3,743 mosquitoes captured in human-biting collection (164 man-nights), 96% of 1,136 mosquitoes collected inside houses and animal sheds (396 inspections), and 98% of 15,000 mos ...19862906968
farm animals' fascioliasis in ezbet el-bakly (tamyia center) al-fayoum continue the study on fascioliasis in tamyia center, some farm animals were investigated for natural infection with fasciola species by stool examination. the results showed 40% infection in sheep, 20% in buffalos, 6.7% in donkeys and zero% in horses. the overall percentage of infection was 25.5. the sheep (total dose 1800mg) and the donkey (total dose (4500 mg.) were successfully treated with mirazid. on the other hand, one buffalo was successfully treated by a total dose 7500mg, the seconds ...200516333892
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