Gasterophilosis: a major cause of rectal prolapse in working donkeys in Ethiopia.A retrospective study was conducted to investigate the cause of rectal prolapse in working donkeys in Ethiopia. Analysis of data on rectal prolapse cases obtained from the Donkey Health and Welfare Project clinic at the School of Veterinary Medicine, Addis Ababa University, from 1995 to 2004 revealed that 83.6% (n?=?177) of the cases were associated with Gasterophilus nasalis. The rest 10.7% and 5.7% were associated with work-related (overloading) cause and diarrhoea, respectively. The mean and ...201121870062
endemic existence of rabies in ethiopia.the study on the prevalence of rabies was conducted on a retrospective data gathered from ehnri rabies diagnostic laboratory addis ababa, in the years 1979-1987. during this period a total of 8036 animals were brought to the rabies diagnostic laboratory. ninety one percent (7329) of these animals were dogs. the remaining 8.8% (707) comprised of cats, domestic animals (donkeys, cows, sheep) and wild animals (monkeys, jackals and hyenas). out of 7329 dogs examined 832 were positive for rabies. dog ...200212240578
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