trypanosoma theileri: a literature review and report of incidence in new york cattle.the incidence of infection in adult dairy cattle in new york state with trypanosoma (megatrypanum) theileri (laveran 1902) was determined by culturing buffy coats of peripheral blood samples in tissue culture growth media. three sample groups of cattle were studied and revealed an overall rate of trypanosome infection of 44.4% (67 of 151) as determined by a single culture. fifty-seven cows, representing four herds from three different geographic locations in the southern-tier region of the state ...1979527346
trypanosomes in horse flies and deer flies in central new york state.tabanids were collected during 2 consecutive summers from 3 counties in new york using a canopy trap and insect net. twenty-seven per cent of all fly specimens (n equals 641) representing 69% of the species collected (n equals 36) were infected with flagellates. tabanid intestines harbored amastigote, choanomastigote, and epimastigote forms. epimastigotes were frequently found, and trypomastigotes and choanomastigotes rarely found in cultures of tabanid intestinal flagellates. epimastigote and t ...19751117353
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